PASSIV Leander :)



DEBBRAHHRRY from Aaron on Vimeo.


Drawing and sounds by LeLeander


LeLeander – Haufbahno

LeLeander – „Haufbahno“ from Aaron on Vimeo.

Teaser for pnny.gurke,meerschaum with beautiful graphics by phyllography.

Music: Haufbahno by LeLeander
Graphics by Phillys Josefine

LeLeander – ort-ort

LeLeander – „ort-ort“ from Aaron on Vimeo.

Footage from a welding machine is being repeated over and over again in different sizes, with mirroring effects and in various strong colours. Using the same lightning of the welding machine in up to three layers at once creates a pulsating effect and a lot of noise on the screen, which sometimes evolves into interesting patterns of order.

Music: ort-ort by LeLeander
Filmed by LeLeander and produced by Aaron

LeLeander – Karolx

LeLeander – „Karolx“ from Aaron on Vimeo.

Video about movement by train and at a fast pace. Structures develop and break down when moving along the trackside. Concrete or noise protection walls draw lines and patterns. Every structure is being destroyed and broken up as soon as it appears by the hard hitting beats of Karolx until everything gets completely obscured by the end of the track with dust and ambient sound.

Music: Karolx by LeLeander
Video by Aaron and LeLeander

LeLeander – ektermes

LeLeander – „ektermes“ from Aaron on Vimeo.

Digital samples of video and music, re-entering the analog-digital space. Previously distinct shapes and figures appear less clear, are being blurred and show artefacts of the technology which produced them.

Clouds and cityscape taken from an older video:

Music: ektermes by LeLeander

LeLeander – Dodde

LEANDER – DODDE (Video by Phyllography) from Phyllography on Vimeo.

Footage: Butoh Dance Performance Japan, Source: Youtube

Video made by Phyllis Josefine (Phyllography)
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Sound: Leander – Dodde
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Check his sound!

LeLeander – Somanas

LeLeander – Somanas from Le Leander on Vimeo.

Musik: LeLeander – Somanas
Video: LeLeander